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Jin Hao Li


Made in China and marinated in Singapore, Jin Hao is an excellent writer and performer.

Loved and feared for his dry wit, gritty softness, and surreal energy, he quickly became a Chortle Student Finalist, BBC New Comedy Awards Finalist, and was accepted into the Pleasance Comedy Reserve.

As an accomplished actor, He was nominated for Best Actor at the National Youth Film Awards back home, but lost to someone more handsome and better at acting.

This August, he's taking his debut hour 'Swimming in a Submarine' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Walk through the seascape of his mind, filled with nightmares of being a spider, dreams of joining the yakuza and breezy memories of serving in the military with the boys.

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Tour support for Celya AB, Olga Koch, Tom Stade.

"Now here is a guy to watch" - One4Review

"Served up the unexpected" - Chortle

"Had the crowd wrapped around his finger" - The Saint

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